About 40 years ago my wife and I were living in South Africa. At that time, I became seriously ill and was going to Johannesburg Hospital.

After extensive testing I was diagnosed with liver cancer and the consulting physician recommended immediate

I was shocked and silently prayed to Jesus to reveal His Will in my life.
Was it my time to go, or did I still have a task to fullfill?
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I patiently waited for His answer without proceeding to surgery as suggested.
Alarmed, the doctors warned me about my weakened and critical condition.

I had been wearing for years a medal of Mother Mary with the inscription of these sacred words: O Holy Mary, ever virgin and conceived without sin, pray for us who implore Thy aid.
I followed my inner conviction, strongly believing in these words.

Inspired by this prayer and yearning for solitude with God, my wife Eunice, who took care of me all the time, brought me to Magoebas Kloof, a place surrounded by mountains and woods in the Limpopo province.
There in the serenity of nature, my soul sought out to hear His voice.

Although physically weakened, I walked to the woods daily, kneeling down in prayer to my heavenly father.
I did not always know what to pray for and took recourse in, praying Our Father who art in Heaven..., taught to me by Jesus.
Tears frequently ran down my cheeks and I discovered that everything is expressed in this prayer

One day, while I was kneeling down in my cathedral of pinetrees, holding tightly to the miraculous medallion and reciting
the Our Father..., the sunlight suddenly changed into a ball of intense white light like a thousand suns.
In this blinding heavenly light appeared the Divine Mother
in all her glory.

In this sacred moment my heart was filled with the joy of
heaven, strengthened even by Her voice saying:
You are going to experience the Lord's salvation and
in the fullness of time this testimony shall cover the earth.

After having spoken these words to me, Her divine
appearance slowly vanished.
While I was still kneeling, a holy silence surrounded me
like a cloud.
In order to stay in her heavenly presence as long as
possible, I sat quietly without moving.

Suddenly I realized that my constant pain had left me and felt energy streaming through my body again.
Filled with gladness and completely healed, I returned back home praising God.

God spoke to me in a dream saying that I had to adjust my diet to His Will, that He would show me the way and that His eye was upon me.
I was divinely inspired to change my lifestyle in eating habits of true pure food.

Since then I follow this diet of pure food, such as rawfood, green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, as a way to connect to a Higher consciousness and a more divine compassionate way of living.

Impressed with the beauty of her radiant glory I expressed my gratitude for the vision of Mother Mary in the art of sculptured needle painting embroidery.
A work of art honoring the Divine Mother, completed in ten years of triumph.